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Big is Beautiful!


I have been so blessed to have a friend in Glen from Full Figure Plus. He has recently been working on a project to showcase the fact that Big Is Fabulously Gorgeous…and guess what…I am a star! So in the next few days make sure you visit at his blog and be inspired by the voluptuous beauties there…hehe including ME!!!! I have had the pleasure of a sneak peak of the video presentation and believe me its worth checking out!

Ok so on a blog note…I have been wondering why no-one has been commenting lately then I heard…that my new capcha system hasn’t been working! So I have finally deactivated that so hopefully I will start receiving lots of comments again soon…cause I miss all you guys! I thought you had abandoned me…hehe silly me!

Oh and for all you ‘twitterers’ out there Follow me my id is @flabuless! I would love to follow you too so send me a direct message and let me know who you are!

:) Flabuless

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  1. May 12th, 2008 | Glen says:

    Im glad that I have been able to help. You have been a major help to me lately. Keep up the fantastic work!

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